Friday, June 30, 2006

Truchas Peak - Dark & Scary !

Ok, here's the Pre-Trip post. Dan, Eric & Paul will attempt a summit dash of New Mexico's 2nd highest peak. It'll be tough, because Eric has to WORK late, and we will do a reverse-Alpine Start........

What ?!? Oh, normally you start out on peak day really, really really early in the dark morning, but we will start out really really late on pre-peak night. Hike in as far as we can in the SCARY darkness, camp (in the scary darkness) then up early for the establishment of camp 2, and a dash to the summit (if the thunderstorms hold off).

So, that's the plan but we'll see what REALLY happens this weekend! Hasta!


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Skiing in Summer...anyone

Anyone interested in a ski mountaineering trip June 16-18th, or June 30th-July 2nd? Or biking?

AAS Laws

As per lizrdboy's last comment, I suggest we discuss bi-laws and such. With respect to how one becomes a member, I think a new member needs sponsorship from an existing member, and must participate in two AAS events, and then must be accepted by a majority of the members involved. With respect to what represents an AAS event, I think we should have at least two existing AAS members in the event, and the event should involve some sort of outdoor sporting event that includes the risk of serious injury or death. Climbing, skiing, and biking seem like a great list of specific acceptable sporting events. I am not sure we need an acceptable beer list...or maybe we need a beer blacklist. I vote that the beer black list include coors and bud or bud-like beers.

I also nominate Paul as AAS President, as he is the biggest AAS in the group ;-), however, I don't think any person in the AAS should hold more than one office.