Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sundance Mt. X-Treme Ski !

Hey Team,
Just got back from a quick Ski-Mountaineering adventure in Rockey Mt. National Pk. CO.
The entire family was camping there, so Dad brought his equipment in hopes of a sneek-peak-bag and some spring snow! The back-country gods were with me, as I met one of the few back-country skiing rangers (Tyson) in the park within ONE minute of checking into our campground! When I asked one of his co-workers of he was the kind of guy that's stupid enough to wake up at 05:00 am to ski and she said yes, I knew I had a partner!

Here we are at 06:00 ready to shread! My wife Erika was glad I didn't end up doing it alone, and the fact that Tyson was an EMT and said he could "Postpone Death" was very comforting!

Here's an awsome set of cliffs we skied the side of. Our high-point is the red dot (Tyson fell into a small bergschrund here ;-) No worries...

There was some nice exposure climbing up the side of the cliffs. The jump off the lip and the steep ascent back up are the pic's below...

(I can't get the Pic's to line up with the words below here so...)

1) The ascent back up the side of the cliff

2) Me jumping the lip on the left, after launching from the side of the cliff... I was supposed to yell as I jumped so we could get me in the air, but I was kinda concentrating and forgot!

3) Tyson climbed and skiied well all morning then I got him about to bite it at full speed after jumping the lip at the left... I shot late and got the whipe instead of the pretty jump... I think he's now officially in the AAS !

All in all, it was a GREAT morning of skiing and climbing. There were MANY more places to ski and I think we all need to go back there next year for a little spring ski action !

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cooke's Peak - 20 May 06

Not a sanctioned AAS event, but a worthy adventure nevertheless. James "Weeds" Wedekind, myself and Matt (a shinny new Lt fresh out of AFIT) took 7 hours to make the 12 mile roundtrip to the summit of lonely Cooke's Peak (North of Deming). The hot weather and scant trails were the main obstacles. The summit was quite satisfying: small and airy with vertical cliffs dropping off on three sides. We were repeatedly buzzed by swallows practicing their dog fighting skills - impressive.

Closures in the Sandias

Some parts of the Sandias are now closed. The bike trails at the ski area are still open though. Below is the link to information on current closures. Basically the forest is closed, except for picnic areas and the trails around the ski area.

Forest Closures

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sandia Peak (The Shield of DEATH)

I found this old Pic of Team AAS's ASSult of "The Shield" route on Sandia Peak... Sweeeet!
Jason, Dan, Matt & Pablo getting down to business...
There's a complete narative in the Team Rhino link below ;-)

So Eric...how is your bike?

Someone needs to ask fellow founder EChedder about the proper method for washing ones' car (at a commerical site) when a bike is 'attached' to the vehicle

Biking in NM May 6th and 7th

Eric (a.k.a. LizardBoy) and Dan did a 20 mile loop ride in the Jemez on Saturday. The ride started on USFS road and ended up on a jeep trail. It was 10 miles of climbing and 10 miles of flying down hill. Dan really likes his new bike. After the ride we had a toast.

Sunday Paul, LizardBoy. and Dan did two laps down the Sandia Peak Ski Area trail. Remember, just because its down hill doesn't mean its not hard. Did I mention Dan really likes his new bike?

While we were riding down the ski area Eric decided to get technical on us and show us how it is done. He proceeded to go medieval on a rock with his chain ring. Paul and Dan learned a lot about technical riding that afternoon.

New Oakleys!

HA !

I'm sick of you guys making fun of my cheap sunglasses so my wife finally got me the latest polorized racing shades from Oakley! Eat my dust Nancy-Boys...

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hola AAS Master!
It's LizrdBoy representing the LC. It's dry and dusty here right now and the Lincoln Nat'l Forest is closed - booo. It rained hard last night though so maybe things will change for the better soon.
I hope Cibola stays open. I left some Specialized ore on Sandia last week
and hope to return on Memorial day weekend to redeem myself.

AAS Admin's

Dudes, as you A.A.S. Team members confirm your memberships, I'm making you Admins... Big mistake I know...

Also, Dan send me some Pic's of the Sandia downhill action (or post some here and add your wisecracks!)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Forest Closures???

Looks like many of the forests are having fire restrictions. Does any one know if they will be closing they to bike and foot traffic like they did a few years ago? Hope we get some rain soon.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Team Rhino

Team what ?!?

Team Rhino... Most of us are professional geeks and we work at RhinoCorps here in Albuquerque. I thought I'd post a link to our existing Team Rhino website. (I'm updating it in all of my "Spare Time")

Here Tiz!

Monday, May 08, 2006

New Toy

Just got a new dirt machine ;-)

It's SMOKIN' I can't believe the advances in bike technology in the last 8 years since I bought my old Trek Y5. It feels like a human powered motorcross bike...

However, as Dan mentioned, "There was never anything wrong with your old bike till I got MY new one!" HA !

Here's to human powered ADVENTURE!

Ski Craziness

Here's a link to our 2005 Ski season stuff....... Were working on 2006 ;-)

Here Tiz!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Welcome NetHeads

Hey Folks,

Here's our latest stupid-human trick. Start Blogging about our outdoor adventures. Were a group of local-yokals who love to Ski, Bike and Climb.

If we had one, I believe our creedo would be "Life's too short to be so damn serious, so get Yer ass out there and have some fun!"