Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Truchas Bagged...Done....That's One Peak in the Bank...Next! NEXT!

Eric, Paul, and Dan successfully bagged Truchas Peak this past Sunday morning. The trip was great and the scenery was spectacular. We hit the trail Friday evening and hiked in four miles to Jacks Creek. We arrived at the first camp around 10:30PM.

The next day we hiked to Pecos Baldy Lake for a quick lunch and to fill up with water. We climbed up to a saddle and down Trail Rider ridge line toward Truchas. We had to move fast to get off the ridge as the thunder and lightening ushered us down the trail. We got rained on Saturday afternoon, but the rain did not last too long.

The wild flowers were also in full bloom and we saw many columbine, california corn lily, paint brush, and dozens of other species of alpine wild flowers. Eric really liked the columbine.

Sunday morning we were up early and climbed straight up the side to the knife edge on the north side of Truchas, then along the edge and into a couloir and right up to the peak.

On the way back we saw dozens of Big Horn Sheep (don't tell Paul they aren't mountain goats). We also saw a deer and many marmots during the trip.

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Pablito said...

Awsome !
Nice post Danny-Boy..... You forgot to mention our excellent "in the rain" firemaking skills that enabeled us to have a comfy fire and drink Schnapps while it rained Saturday afternoon! Also the Aprx. 25 miles covered and my still sore calf muscles...

Additionally, I don't care that their not Mt. Goats! In the "Book of Paul" it's WAY more fun to call them Goat's instead of sheep because there are so many more fun adjectives that go along with Goat V/S Sheep! Many of which I used along the route ;-)

It was indeed another great AAS event!