Monday, August 14, 2006

Truchas Take Two

The A.A.S. was back to the best mountains in New Mexico, the Truchas. This time, the plan was a ridge run from base camp atop Quemado falls. Matt, Dan and Eric braved stinging hail stormes, munched plump, wild raspberries and dodged Smurf sized mushrooms on the way to our goal.
On Saturday we slogged up the grassy slopes of Middle Truchas (13,066) then continued on to Truchas (13,102).
With storm clouds rolling in, we pushed on towards North Truchas (13,024). A nice exciting ridge provided some fun 3rd class traversing until we reached the pass just below our final peak.
At that point, we realized the steep descent back to our camp was all we had energy left for. We stumbled down to the streams, ponds and meadows below and politely passed some high altitude grazing cows. Beef at 11,000 feet? Matt, who had spilled his mountain meal down his pants the night before (trying to keep warm while cooking...), seriously considered his chances of landing a steak dinner that night.
Back at camp, Dan and Eric wandered down the trail to find Quemado Falls. The rain fall in the area had the falls running at high volume. Very cool.
The rest of the trip was spent playing hack sack, debating ultra-lightweight backpacking strategies (waxing body hair... every ounce counts), napping and making new AAS laws. It was a very successful AAS outing.


Pablito said...

Scheweeeeeeet !

Nice trip dudes, wish I was there, especially since there were new laws discussed! (however just like the other president (of the U.S.) I don't know what the hell is going on, but that doesn't stop me from being president!) Carry On !

Erika and I will attempt to summit Truchas again this weekend, and I believe since Erika is an AAS member via marrage, it'll be another official AAS event! Pic's to follow...

lizrdboy said...

Nice try Paul - she needs to attend at least 2 official events! All other criteria is on order though.

TattMalbot said...

Paul, Erika has to be voted in...which actually is pretty likely since we will vote you out and give her your spot. And BTW, we did come up with new laws while on the event!!!

Pablito said...

Sheeeeeeet !

Your right, 2 events.......... oh well.