Sunday, June 08, 2008

Extreme Pool Party in Las CrucAAS

The Zahnle's treked down to Las Cruces for some mild family fun, but the day quickly turned in to an official AAS event. Things started out at a friends swimming pool with BBQ'd chicken and ribs and cream cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped, JalapeƱos. Oh yeah, there was also booze and bravado. Once we got in to pool, things turned extreme quickly!!

Everyone got in on the pool basket ball slam dunk contest. The result was a tie between Paul and Eric - though the photographer deserved all the credit for capturing such fleeting grace.

While there was plenty of danger involved, no major injuries were sustained. Eric scrapped his toe knuckles on the bottom of the pool (there was blood) and one pool chair was destroyed while being used as a diving board.

Next up: Extreme sand sledding!

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Pablito said...

Oh Yea !

ANY, outdoor event can become dangerous and out of control when sufficient AAS members are involved!

We broke, a pool skimmer, deck chair and the little basketball net thingy seen in the pictures.

My son Karl was Soooooo proud of us and said he LOVED his first AAS event ;-)