Sunday, March 01, 2009

2009 Annual Adventure Summit! - Crested Butte, CO.

Team AAS got together for the annual AAS Summit in Crested Butte Colorado this year. This was the first time every member of the AAS made it to the annual summit!

Mattius led the push to rent a very cushy place right at the ski area instead of a long cold one in a snow cave or trying to sleep on a 60 year old mattress in a dive motel... So indeed we rented a 3 story luxury condo that even had a remote control fireplace! Here's a little clip of the inside: (so what if we had 7 laptops for 8 dudes!)

Is the AAS getting soft? perhaps.....NOT! We have drank the wine of luxury and we did like it..... but we all yearn for the hard side of nature and are already planning next years AAS summit and were thinking of something a bit more primitive, like a Yert in the middle of nowhere!

Thanks to Brian for putting together this smokin' little video:

2009 - AAS Productions


lizrdboy said...

Well done Bone. Paul - I think there were 9 computers for 8 skiers... remember, I alone had 2 and I think everyone else had one. And that doesn't even include all the Blackberries!

Pablito said...

Ok, 9 ;-)

Shameful none-the-less