Saturday, December 09, 2006

Real AAS members do more runs before 10AM than Paulie does all days long!!

Matt and Dan did a little early season recon at Wolf Creek. We hiked the ridge and Dan went up Alberta Peak, until the rocks started to be hard to ignore.

Yes Paul, Alberta Peak is Ski-able right now.

The powder was hard to find, but we did find it. We explored the Alberta Lift area thoroughly, and found some great steeps and some good powder stashes.

Matt was up to his usual antics jumping....

and know what usually happens next.


lizrdboy said...

Well done gents. Good to see Matt is in mid season form - and Dan's fotog timing as well.

danmcq said...

i should not get too much credit for fotog timing, as all images are taken from video clips we captured on the trip.

Pablito said...

Nice Job Boys !

I'm Sooooo glad I didn't go. I've been on the couch with a bad cold! It's been an effort just to get up to the kitchen...... I would have been discrace to the AAS Team this weekend ;-(

Great Pic's DannyBoy ;-) Here's to the next trip !