Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wolf AAS Creek Summit

The men of the AAS once again retreated to Wolf Creek for a Test-Fest of biblical proportions! A three day event of massive steeps in kung foo POW !

Wolf Creek 2007 !

Unsatisfied with lift accessable areas, the AAS ventured upward to get fresh POW on the Massive Alberta Peak. Here Dan shreads the peak from 11,900 feet! Luckily his film crew and sound mixers were in tow, as always ;-)

On day 2, the AAS ventured out into the PREMO Pow-Pow in the back country. Here's the team shreading a steep in the woods...


Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys are so incredibly cool. You are all truly extreme adventurers. You must all get all the girls! Is the AAS a public club or is it exclusive?

danmcq said...

Actually, we are all old married or divorced farts so we barely get one girl (each). The requirements for membership are listed on the site. Also, we aren't nearly as cool as we think we are.