Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sundance Mt. X-Treme Ski !

Hey Team,
Just got back from a quick Ski-Mountaineering adventure in Rockey Mt. National Pk. CO.
The entire family was camping there, so Dad brought his equipment in hopes of a sneek-peak-bag and some spring snow! The back-country gods were with me, as I met one of the few back-country skiing rangers (Tyson) in the park within ONE minute of checking into our campground! When I asked one of his co-workers of he was the kind of guy that's stupid enough to wake up at 05:00 am to ski and she said yes, I knew I had a partner!

Here we are at 06:00 ready to shread! My wife Erika was glad I didn't end up doing it alone, and the fact that Tyson was an EMT and said he could "Postpone Death" was very comforting!

Here's an awsome set of cliffs we skied the side of. Our high-point is the red dot (Tyson fell into a small bergschrund here ;-) No worries...

There was some nice exposure climbing up the side of the cliffs. The jump off the lip and the steep ascent back up are the pic's below...

(I can't get the Pic's to line up with the words below here so...)

1) The ascent back up the side of the cliff

2) Me jumping the lip on the left, after launching from the side of the cliff... I was supposed to yell as I jumped so we could get me in the air, but I was kinda concentrating and forgot!

3) Tyson climbed and skiied well all morning then I got him about to bite it at full speed after jumping the lip at the left... I shot late and got the whipe instead of the pretty jump... I think he's now officially in the AAS !

All in all, it was a GREAT morning of skiing and climbing. There were MANY more places to ski and I think we all need to go back there next year for a little spring ski action !


danmcq said...

dude, you can't post this it wasn't AAS sanctioned, since you ditched all your team mates!!!

Pablito said...

Waaaaaaa !

Official AAS rules state that if your supporting your family duties and you still can get in a little adventure, it is definitely OK to proceed because your not only supporting the family unit, but adding to the illustrious , although new, history of the AAS !


danmcq said...

i am not crying, i am just jealous. and by the way the AAS rules don't say that, your just covering your tracks for bailing on a trip with the guys because your wife thought you would do something dangerous and somehow it is safer to ski without us.

lizrdboy said...

So when are we going to draft up the AAS "bi"-laws? We need to get this sorted out. Namely, 1) how does one become an AAS member, 2) what constitues an AAS event, and 3) what kind of beer is acceptable to drink during or after said events. I nominate Paul for President and Sargent at Arms.