Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cooke's Peak - 20 May 06

Not a sanctioned AAS event, but a worthy adventure nevertheless. James "Weeds" Wedekind, myself and Matt (a shinny new Lt fresh out of AFIT) took 7 hours to make the 12 mile roundtrip to the summit of lonely Cooke's Peak (North of Deming). The hot weather and scant trails were the main obstacles. The summit was quite satisfying: small and airy with vertical cliffs dropping off on three sides. We were repeatedly buzzed by swallows practicing their dog fighting skills - impressive.

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Pablito said...

Shweeeeet !

By the way, any event that involves the possibility of serious personal injury, crazed animals or getting lost or dying of thirst in the desert, DEFINATELY qualifies as AAS events ;-)