Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Biking in NM May 6th and 7th

Eric (a.k.a. LizardBoy) and Dan did a 20 mile loop ride in the Jemez on Saturday. The ride started on USFS road and ended up on a jeep trail. It was 10 miles of climbing and 10 miles of flying down hill. Dan really likes his new bike. After the ride we had a toast.

Sunday Paul, LizardBoy. and Dan did two laps down the Sandia Peak Ski Area trail. Remember, just because its down hill doesn't mean its not hard. Did I mention Dan really likes his new bike?

While we were riding down the ski area Eric decided to get technical on us and show us how it is done. He proceeded to go medieval on a rock with his chain ring. Paul and Dan learned a lot about technical riding that afternoon.

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Pablito said...

DUde, what do you REALLY feel about your new bike?